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JMX Instrumentation of Active Transactions

I am trying to setup mbeans for managing atomikos transactions via JMX.

JmxTransactionService always returns empty transactions list.But Transaction Manager shows active transactions count as 1.

configrations used.

public class JmxConfig {

    public JmxTransactionService jmxTransactionService() {
        JmxTransactionService jmxTransactionService = new JmxTransactionService();
        return jmxTransactionService;

    public JmxTransactionManagerBean jmxTransactionManagerBean(){
        JmxTransactionManagerBean jmxTransactionManagerBean = new JmxTransactionManagerBean();
        return jmxTransactionManagerBean;

    public MBeanServer mbeanServer() {
        MBeanServerFactoryBean mBeanServerFactoryBean = new MBeanServerFactoryBean();
        return mBeanServerFactoryBean.getObject();

    public MBeanExporter mbeanExporter() {
        MBeanExporter mbeanExporter = new MBeanExporter();
        Map<String, Object> beans = new HashMap<>();
        beans.put("atomikos:name=tx-service", jmxTransactionService());
        beans.put("atomikos:name=tx-manager", jmxTransactionService());
        return mbeanExporter;


atomikos:name=tx-manager - Currently active count property shows 1 as value.
But atomikos:name=tx-service - Transactions property return empty list.
Unable to see any active transactions within atomikos.

Appreciate any help.
Yogya Hewavidana Send private email
Friday, February 10, 2017

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