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Question about your github site and a code issue report

When I check your github site I see that the normal github Issues capability hasn't been enabled. I was wondering if this was intentional or an oversight on your part.

I am asking because I wanted to open an issue against the code. I have forked your transactions-essentials codebase and have configured the Google errorprone-compiler and have run it against the modules. So far I have produced an indication that there is erroneous code in the transactions module.

The following is the error message produced by the errorprone-compiler. The standard javac compiler doesn't catch this error.

[INFO] Compiling 67 source files to /Users/andy/java/atomikos/atomikos/public/transactions/target/classes
/Users/andy/java/atomikos/atomikos/public/transactions/src/main/java/com/atomikos/icatch/imp/ error: [CollectionIncompatibleType] Argument 'p' should not be passed to this method; its type Participant is not compatible with its collection's type argument String
                        Integer sibnum = cascadeList_.get ( p );
Andy Glick Send private email
Saturday, February 18, 2017

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