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how to force unlock atomikos  a dead two-phase commit

When i force to shutdown my application, some transaction can not close itself and my oracle dabase has a dead two-phase commits.

Is there any solution to solve this error without force rollback by dBA.

I mean Atomokis has any fature like when it start again, it will kill all dead two-phase commit  prepared transactions??

I need your help.
this is my error :

Error report -
SQL Error: ORA-01591: lock held by in-doubt distributed transaction 177.20.733689
01591. 00000 -  "lock held by in-doubt distributed transaction %s"
*Cause:    Trying to access resource that is locked by a dead two-phase commit
          transaction that is in prepared state.
*Action:  DBA should query the pending_trans$ and related tables, and attempt
          to repair network connection(s) to coordinator and commit point.
          If timely repair is not possible, DBA should contact DBA at commit
          point if known or end user for correct outcome, or use heuristic
          default if given to issue a heuristic commit or abort command to
          finalize the local portion of the distributed transaction.

this is my query result.

186.0.836351    1096044365.3139322E3136382E34302E31312E746D31373635393030323839    prepared    no    test-srv11    46598778142
177.20.733689    1096044365.3139322E3136382E34302E31312E746D31373633393030323839    prepared    no    test-srv11    46598777871
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Monday, March 06, 2017

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