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When using com.atomikos.icatch.config.UserTransactionServiceImp as stated in the documentation, this creates by default a rotating file console log. Once created, the console can be overwritten with Configuration.removeConsoles() and Configuration.addConsole(new MyConsole()) but this makes it kludgy as all startup logs end up in this rotating file console.
I'd like to propose the following code modification (on 3.4.4): in
com.atomikos.icatch.standalone.UserTransactionServiceImp# createDefault ( Properties p )
add a
if (Configuration.getConsole() == null)
around the console initialization code.
This would allow integrators to use
Configuration.addConsole(new MyConsole());
new UserTransactionServiceImp()
to fully integrate Atomikos logs in theirs.

Let me know if and where I need to upload a patched version.

Jacques-Olivier Goussard Send private email
Friday, January 09, 2009
You can send contributions to and we will have a look.

Personally, I think having our console is much easier to diagnose and give support. It concentrates all relevant entries in our logs.

Guy Pardon Send private email
Friday, January 09, 2009
I understand this, but this code modification doesn't stop this - you can still do something like
if (!atomikosSupportIsRequired) {
 Configuration.addConsole(new MyConsole());
and get the atomikos full logs.
I'll send the modified file.
Jacques-Olivier Goussard Send private email
Friday, January 09, 2009

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