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XAException during UserTransaction.commit() is not being caught

I have database inconsistencies in my transaction involving 2 databases. I am using the AtomikosDataSource bean to manage DB connections.
Following is the DB trace log showing the exception:

[jcc][Thread:main][XAException@544ec1] javax.transaction.xa.XAException
[jcc][Thread:main][XAException@544ec1] Message = [jcc][t4][2041][12326][3.53.70] Error executing XAResource.commit().  Server returned XAER_NOTA. ERRORCODE=-4203, SQLSTATE=null
[jcc][Thread:main][XAException@544ec1] Stack trace follows [jcc][t4][2041][12326][3.53.70] Error executing XAResource.commit().  Server returned XAER_NOTA. ERRORCODE=-4203, SQLSTATE=null
    at com.atomikos.datasource.xa.XAResourceTransaction.commit(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.imp.CommitMessage.send(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.imp.PropagationMessage.submit(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.imp.Propagator$
    at com.atomikos.icatch.imp.Propagator.submitPropagationMessage(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.imp.CoordinatorStateHandler.commit(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.imp.IndoubtStateHandler.commit(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.imp.CoordinatorImp.commit(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.imp.CoordinatorImp.terminate(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.imp.CompositeTerminatorImp.commit(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.jta.TransactionImp.commit(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.jta.TransactionManagerImp.commit(
    at com.atomikos.icatch.jta.UserTransactionImp.commit(
    at com.util.BatchDriver.main(

I have the db update statement as well as commit statement written in try..catch blocks and i am catching all Exceptions. How is this exception slipping through?
And if the exception is occuring in commit, why is the transaction still being committed on 1 DB and not the other?

I am using TransactionEssentials v3.7.1
Anirudh Rathi Send private email
Thursday, May 10, 2012

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